Office Essentials: My Affordable Décor Picks

Whether you work in an office, from home, or as a stay-at-home parent, it is nice to have a space that reflects personal styles and interests. Think about it… a substantial amount of our time is spent in offices and work areas. Investing a little bit of time and money into customization can be very conducive to productivity and morale. Thankfully, doing so doesn’t have to break the bank! Here are some of my favorite adorable + affordable office décor items. The best part: every single one of these items range from $7 to $33 (many of which come in various colors and styles)!

Also, I know my taste isn’t universal. I’m your typical twenty-something that loves all things millennial pink, rose gold, and marble. However I hope some of my picks are able to serve as a starting point for inspiration.

desk organizer set gold wire modern trendy office

1. Desk Organizer Set

This 5-piece desk organizer set is so cute, modern, and trendy. It’s perfect for those who appreciate easy decorative uniformity and it’s only $25.99 on Amazon!

plant white ceramic vase wire container office

2. Desktop Planter Vase

This item is $32.99 and comes in various sizes, styles, and finishes. The desktop version includes the white ceramic vase and brass geometric container. Bonus: it goes perfectly with the aforementioned desk organizer set.

Eiffel Tower pen pencil supply supplies holder office

3. Eiffel Tower Supplies Holder

I’ll be the first to admit this item is so extra and unnecessary, but I love it anyway! My boss had one on her desk and I kept admiring it until I worked up the nerve to ask her where she got it. Now I have one of my own that frequently receives compliments!

Apple Macbook laptop cover case rose gold sparkle

4. Laptop Cover

This is another item that I’m including simply because I receive so many questions and compliments on it. I travel quite a bit for work and have to lug around my laptop everywhere I go, so it’s important to protect my laptop from getting dirty. It comes in 6 different colors and accommodates all types of Apple laptops.

marble paper clip paperclip holder office

5. Paper Clip Holder

This is probably unnecessary, but I really like bringing even the smallest decorative touches to my desk. Also, I am constantly dealing with paperwork, so I do reach for this quite a bit.

phone iphone stand holder

6. Phone Stand

I love this item SO MUCH that I ended up buying 3 (one to keep at work, one to keep on the coffee table in my living room, and one to keep on my vanity when I’m getting ready each day). I especially love using it in my office because: 1) it helps me avoid losing my phone on my desktop, and 2) it enables me to quickly glance at my phone when it goes off and determine whether it’s worth interrupting my productivity to answer.

wire copper brass picture frame modern trendy office

7. Picture Frame

I like keeping pictures of my husband and my cats on my desk. Whenever I feel busy, overwhelmed, or stressed, I just look at what I love the most to maintain perspective. And, circling back to #1 and #2 on the list, the designs all coordinate with one another!

calendar date block rustic office

8. Block Calendar

If you do a lot of paperwork and/or frequently have clients/guests in your office, you may find this rustic block calendar both practical and adorable!

stainless steel gradient geometric tumbler

9. Stainless Steel Tumbler

If you care about environmental sustainability, then a reusable tumbler is a MUST! Not to mention, it helps me remember to stay hydrated throughout the day. This pretty, gradient geometric tumbler comes in 3 different colors, holds 16 oz. of liquid, and is good for both hot and cold beverages.

bluetooth speaker smart

10. Bluetooth Speaker

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE listening to music at work. Especially lofi music— it’s the perfect blend of ambient jazz and hip-hop beats! It really helps me focus, and music in general is good for morale. I strongly recommend this affordable, well-rated bluetooth speaker, especially if: 1) you aren’t able to wear headphones, 2) you don’t have speakers on your work computer, or 3) you aren’t able to access websites like Pandora. Simply pair the speaker with your phone and play music from your iTunes library or YouTube app!

cool modern word light up clock office

11. Light Up Word Clock

I think this is my absolute FAVORITE item on the list because it’s so unique! I’ve never seen anything like it. It serves as a good decorative office piece, as well as a conversation starter!

business card holder office professional

12. Business Card Holder

Business cards are a must for career professionals and business owners. To give them extra visibility, invest in a noticeable card holder! This 2-pack is only $13.99 and comes in 4 different colors.


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FTC Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored; however, it does contain affiliate links. This means I will make a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if you decide to click on and purchase an item. If you are uncomfortable with this, feel free to Google and find the products on your own instead. All thoughts and opinions are my own, and affiliations have no bearing on which products I decide to mention/review.

7 thoughts on “Office Essentials: My Affordable Décor Picks

  1. Well I actually see a few things that I would love to buy for my house! Definitely going to need this for later. I’m totally in love with rose gold and gold so this is giving me all kinds of life. Thanks for sharing I’ll definitely make sure to buy through your link when I’m ready to purchase.

  2. Such cute suggestions! I hope to re-arrange my office this weekend and might need some new stuff!

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